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Offshore Fish

Dolphin Tuna

Season: Occasional year round / Best Dec.-May

The male or bull has distinctively blunt head. Hard fighting with several jumps during hook up. Average weights between 15 - 65 lbs.


Season: November - March

Famous for acrobatic aerial displays. Sprints up to 50 kts. Average weights between 50 - 105 lbs.

Blue Marlin

Season: June - October

ur largest billfish. Females can reach up to 2000 lbs. Average weights between 300- 900 lbs.

White Marlin

Season: March - August

maller than the Blue. Easiest identifiable difference is its rounded dorsal and anal fin. Average weights between 60 - 150 lbs.


Season: November - April

Long ripping runs when hooked. Beautiful tiger stripes down sides. Weights between 20 and 110 lbs.

Yellow fin Tuna

Season: Dec. - March / July - Sept.

Pure muscle. One of the hardest fighting pelagic fish lb. for lb. Larger of the species have long thin yellow second dorsal fin hence their name. Average weights between 25 - 150 lbs.

Black fin Tuna

Season: Year Round / Best June - Sept.

Smaller than yellowfin, but a strong and spirited schooling fish. Double, triple, quadruple headers are common with this species. Average between 10 and 35 lbs.

Rainbow Runner

Season: Year Round

Found right on the "edge" of the drop. Two blue lines extend from back of eyes to tail with gold stripe in between. Great for live baiting with light tackle. Weight between 5 - 15 lbs

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