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Normalization of Soft Tissue

Using techniques such as Myofascial Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Muscle Energy Techniques, the basis of NST is treatment-oriented and works on muscular imbalances in the body. This work helps promote injury recovery as well as reducing chronic pain and holding patterns. This form of bodywork is usually combined with Orthopedic techniques.

Luxury Villa Caribbean

A wonderful luxury villa in the Caribbean is available for you and your friends and family to enjoy. Our St Thomas Luxury Villa will make your visit an extra special one providing ultimate in comfort and services. You should enjoy the culture and relaxing way of life in fine resort villa style while you're here in one of the world's most desirable holiday destinations. You'll be captivated by the beauty of this Virgin Island paradise. Book your luxury Caribbean villa now while they are available. It is a unique accommodation, designed to make you feel good. Avoid the crowds and noise of the local hotels. Our luxury St Thomas villa offers the vacation experience you expect from a Luxury Caribbean rental.

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